MASSIVE 40% off Bridal Gown & Grad Dress Sale

Unique Weddings will be hosting a “unique” dress sale!   This sale will be similar to the pop up traveling bridal sales that some of you may have heard of.  If you purchase a dress that day, you get a
great deal.  However sales are always day only, and maybe that date doesn’t work out for you so you miss the opportunity to score a great deal on a bridal/grad gown.   We are running a sale for first time shoppers by appointment only.   If you purchase an in stock gown at the appointment you will save 40% off.  To receive this great discount, you have to purchase during your appointment.  If you
leave the store to think about it, you will no longer receive the sale price.  Each customer is registered upon arrival. Sale is by appointment only meaning you can reserve a day that works for you.  However it is always advised to shop early to receive the best selection!  Currently we have approximately 300 wedding gowns and 600 grad dresses to choose from.

Every grad dress in the store will be on sale and all wedding gowns excluding new arrivals from Casablanca are on sale.  Sale excludes any special orders, it will be on in stock gowns only.  Savings are
massive!   Save up to $1400 on a wedding gown.  Prices start as low as $300.  Average grad gown is $400-$650 so say on a $600 grad dress the sale price will be $360.  Prices on new 2023 grad gowns has gone up, like everything in the world, and now that $600 grad dress is $800 if you purchased it when the new stock arrives.  So that is a savings of $440.  Same example with the wedding gowns as well. 

Appointment Information:

Appointments will be reserved:

Bridal – 1.5 hours

Grad – 1 hour

Brides and grads will be required to bring a female guest to assist them into the dresses.  Please limit to 3 guests with you during your appointment. 

50% deposit will be required if you wish to do layaway

To receive sale price of the gown, dress has to be purchased/or put a deposit on at the time of the appointment.  If you book a second appointment or leave the store without purchasing you will not be entitled to the sale price.

To reserve an appointment please call: 306-763-0470


Please note that APPOINTMENTS ARE REQUIRED for dress shopping. We prefer that you limit guests to 2 per bride/grad but will allow more for bridesmaid shopping. For bride's and grad's trying on dresses, you will need to bring a mother or female guest to assist you into the gowns.

To reserve a appointment please call (306-763-0470) or e-mail us ( with which date you prefer, and what you are shopping for.

Store hours are Mon-Fri 12-5 and Saturday 12-4, and closed Sundays and holidays.