Removal Instructions

Application with jelly tabs:
Soak hands in warm soapy water, gently use manicure stick to pop nails off.  Olive oil can also be added to water to help soften the glue.  Peel off jelly tab from nails and press on can be reused.

Application with nail glue:
Soak off with 100% pure acetone.  Fast way is to use hot water with the acetone for quicker removal.  Fill a bowl with very hot water, then take 2 ziploc bags or 2 small bowls and pour in acetone.  Soak nails in acetone in bag/bowl inside the bowl of hot water for a few min,  Gently try to remove nail with manicure stick.  If nails are lifting you can try removing with the hot water method and no acetone.  Apply cuticle oil around nail and under free edge, soak hands in hot water, soap and olive oil, then try gently removing nails with manicure stick.  If nails are not lifting the water method will not remove them and you will need acetone.  Using acetone will melt the nails and you will not be able to reuse them.  Using water, soap and oil they can be reused.